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    The Paper Bottle – If we can dream it, we can make it

    Innovation has always been a key factor for sustainable solutions. At BillerudKorsnäs we aim high in a number of well-chosen development...

    How packaging can reduce your return rates

    If you want to reduce the return rate for your business, take a closer look at your packaging.

    Sustainable packaging program checklist

    If you want to move toward sustainable packaging, this checklist will help you get there.

    How to Engage Generation Z with Your Packaging

    Reaching Generation Z early can help you cultivate a loyal following.

    Good Packaging Design: Do’s and Don’ts of Packaging Graphics

    Good packaging design does more than add aesthetic appeal for the end user.

    Roundup: The Latest Research on Corrugated Packaging

    Corrugated Packaging Research and Trends

    How to Perform a Life Cycle Assessment of Packaging

    If your company is interested in sustainability, a life cycle assessment of your packaging is a meaningful place to start.

    3 Signs You Need to Find a New Packaging Supplier

    Are you happy with your current packaging supplier? If packaging is more of an afterthought than a primary focus, chances are the answer is yes.

    Designing a Sustainable Packaging Program eBook

    Sustainable Packaging Strategies:Good for the Planet, Great for Brands

    How to Communicate Sustainability Through Packaging

    Packaging is one of the most visible and pervasive parts of your organization's identity. Used correctly, it can help your company tell a...

    The Importance of Color Management in Packaging

    Color Consistency, Predictability and Repeatability Demand Good Color Management

    How Packaging Meets the Demand for Sustainable Ethical Fashion

    According to the Environmental Impact of the Global Apparel and Footwear Industries Study, the apparel and footwear industries generate between...

    35 Sustainable Packaging Resources

    Sustainability is always developing, and keeping up with the latest trends is important for your business.

    Premium Packaging for Premium Buyers: Designing for High-End Shoppers [Infographic]

    Technology is pushing the boundaries of paper-based packaging in the premium and luxury industries.

    Is Your Packaging Readily Recyclable?

    As consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, they are opting for products with readily-recyclable packaging.

    How a Packaging Engineer Discovers Supply Chain Cost Savings

    Packaging engineers play a critical role throughout the supply chain and are instrumental in helping their organizations discover significant...

    Does Your Brand Communications Strategy Include Packaging?

    Your packaging might be the most important form of marketing you have because it is the only form of marketing that 100% of your customers will...

    Professional Packaging Organizations and Associations

    Professional associations in the packaging industry represent a collection of individuals who are striving to improve the industry.

    Glossary of Corrugated Packaging Terms

    In the packaging industry we use several different acronyms, corrugated packaging terms and technical terms.

    The Plastic Packaging Problem

    448 million tons of plastic was produced in 2015. Of that, approximately 161 million tons was used for packaging materials. Unfortunately...

    The Role of Packaging in Distribution Center Performance

    Distribution center operations rely on the alignment of several critical components, from receiving performance all the way through to...

    Is Your Packaging Designed for Distribution?

    In a perfect world, every product you ship from manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia would arrive intact to warehouses, distribution...

    The Link Between Packaging and Distribution Center Efficiency

    Distribution managers are constantly being tasked with lowering operating costs and improving overall efficiency. In one survey, nearly 80% of...

    Sustainable Packaging Indicators and Metrics: How Sustainable is Your Packaging?

    Of all possible product components, packaging is one of the most pervasive. The decisions your organization makes regarding packaging span across...

    Three Reasons to Outsource Packaging Operations in Asia

    Businesses today operate in increasingly specialized environments with greater specialized teams responsible for more specific specialized tasks.

    Billerud Flute delivers more savings than expected

    A BillerudKorsnäs customer in Spain discovered this after having a Technical seminar. They were convinced to evaluate Billerud Flute® of a lower...