Design your own FibreForm paper tray

FibreForm trays are a more sustainable alternative to conventional plastic trays. And they are extremely formable. Take the chance to see for yourself. Download our FibreForm app and design your own tray.

Easy to test. Easy to switch. 

It’s easy to switch from conventional plastic trays to FibreForm* paper trays. Using the same thermoforming lines, but another material will give you a lower climate impact.

Now it is equally easy to explore what kind of design options FibreForm gives you, if you want to make the switch. In our FibreForm App you can design your very own tray. The 3D tool gives you the same possibilities as real-life FibreForm would. This includes adjusting dimensions, pinching to change shape and add-ons such as hangers.

The app also lets you choose colours, surface embossing and branded stickers.

Why not try for yourself? Download the app* and explore.

*The app is only available for iPad/IOS

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