We challenge in many fronts - for a sustainable future

We challenged students from all over the world to challenge us, one of the world’s most sustainable companies, on how we can maximize our contribution to a sustainable future. With over 700 participants we got a lot of valuable input on how we can fulfill our mission.

Global megatrends are increasing the need for sustainable solutions. Acting responsibly is therefore essential to us. Challenging conventional packaging for a sustainable future is the goal of everything we do. But how can we think outside the box and increase our contribution to a sustainable future? At BillerudKorsnäs these questions inspire us every day. It is our way of challenging ourselves and our customers.

Sometimes we invite people from outside the company. Together we can accomplish so much more for a sustainable future. Therefore, we challenged students from all over the world to challenge us on how we can maximize our contribution to a sustainable future. The BillerudKorsnäs Sustainability Challenge where opened from November 1 2016 to February 28th 2017. The challenge had over 700 participants from all over the world and countries such as Sweden, India, Brazil, Nigeria, Egypt Indonesia, Pakistan, US, UK, Germany and China to mention a few. Through all these valuable contributions we have received a lot of valuable input and ideas on what one can do to expand our sustainability work.

The winner is Håkan Carlsson

The winning concept of BillerudKorsnäs sustainability challenge is based on robot-controlled recycling system. The concept was developed and presented by Håkan Carlsson, PHD, in robotics and signal processing at the Royal Institute of Technology. The concept focuses on how to increase the reuse of paper products in society. The technical solution is a system with robotic recycling that eventually reaches the industry for reproduction of reused paper based products.

The winning concept focuses on a major social challenge with recycling, where we need to cooperate more in society. Håkans contribution is a technical system solution with robotics that can be a way forward for a more sustainable future
Henrik Essén, Communications and Sustainability Director


What if you could go to work every day and contribute to a brighter future? At BillerudKorsnäs we need people with the right drive and creativity that make a difference to the future. People who dare to think new. Do you?


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