Three divisions, each with its own responsibility for results

The divisions have responsibility and ownership for both the costs and the revenue within the current division.

All three divisions have a similar organisational structure, intended to facilitate contact with Group-wide functions as well as cooperation and coordination between the divisions.

Division Board manufactures liquid packaging board and cartonboard, plus fluting and liner. All its customers demand high quality and expect materials and service solutions that add value.

Division Paper manufactures and sells high-performance, premium-grade kraft and sack paper to selected segments in the manufacturing, medical equipment and consumer segments. The division also sells surplus paper pulp on the open market.

Division Solutions meets brand owners’ growing demand for sustainable and effective packaging solutions and systems. 


Net sales by divison 2019

Net sales by divison Percent
Division Board, 56
Division Paper, 33
Division Solutions, 4
Other, 7

EBITDA split by division 2019

EBITDA split by division *Excluding distribution from other, currency hedging etc Percent
Division Board, 61
Division Paper, 37
Division Solutions, 2