Division Solutions

Division Solutions meets brand owners’ growing demand for sustainable and effective packaging solutions and systems.

Division Solutions’ customers are primarily brand owners. The division’s business is growing in three areas, the largest of which is currently Managed Packaging. The other two areas relate to system sales and the development of brand new, innovative solutions.

Managed Packaging for global brands

Many global brand owners and retail chains with manufacturing in Asia are seeking to strengthen control over their packaging. They also want to reduce their resource consumption and are looking for sustainable alternatives to regular packaging materials and solutions. With 20 years’ experience of packaging production in Asia and a network of over 50 production partners, Managed Packaging offers custom packaging solutions and services to global brand owners.

Systems that challenge plastic packaging

Packaging systems are a concept where we work in close collaboration with machine manufacturers and converters to develop packaging solutions that are optimised for brand owners. Based on primary fibre, our system solutions offer eco-aware brand owners an alternative to packaging that is currently made from plastic.

Entirely new solutions

Innovation is one of our strategic cornerstones. We strive not only to introduce new materials but to develop whole new products. A key factor for success is collaboration internally within the Group and with industry actors such as converters, brand owners and machine suppliers, not to mention entrepreneurs and innovators.

Growth strategy

Profitable growth in

  • Managed Packaging, within new and existing segments and territories
  • Formable paper (FibreForm)
  • System solutions, such as FreeFormPack and Sealed Paper Packaging
  • Innovative new solutions, such as the paper bottle

Key facts

Annual growth target
980 SEKm
Net sales
14 SEKm