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Dear customer,

It is with great confidence and pleasure that I can announce to you that the project to strengthen our offering of white MG papers is progressing according to schedule. As planned, the 90 000 t/a Tervasaari PM7 was stopped in September and is now relocating to the Skärblacka site, where it will be started up as Skärblacka PM10.

At Skärblacka, the machine will be fully dedicated to white MG papers, meaning an increased supply from us during 2018 of this grade of about 50 000 t/a. Additionally, the existing Skärblacka PM7 will see an investment in state of the art film-press technology, enabling a variety of surface treatment opportunities. These two significant steps are planned to be completed during Q4 2017 to Q1 2018. To provide continuity of supply until the Skärblacka PM10 start-up we offered the possibility to pre-order and build stock, and with regard to the forthcoming 6 week rebuild period concerning Skärblacka PM7, discussions are currently ongoing with customers to ensure no disruption of supply.

We are dedicated to this ambitious project and investment plan – worth about EUR 130 million – for two major reasons; the first is to provide the growing global white MG market with an additional supply and secondly to provide an enhanced platform for innovation as we will be able to offer white MG kraft paper with significantly improved functionality for healthcare and consumer packaging markets. The program will develop our Skärblacka production unit in Sweden into a unique world leading center for white MG papers.

This position will allow us to meet increasing end user demands through our development of higher performance papers, and grasp overseas growth opportunities through a superior product and an expanded international team close to you, our customers.

We are excited over this opportunity to even further develop our cooperation. We look forward to unlocking more of the potential there is in the area of fibre-based packaging in general and in white MG papers in particular.

We will be happy to keep you posted on further developments in this exciting undertaking, and you can expect a new communication before the summer. In the meantime, you are welcome to follow the project on our dedicated website.

Your Sincerely,




Johan Nellbeck, Senior Vice President Packaging Paper

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