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The 160-tonne Yankee cylinder has completed its journey from the Tervasaari mill to our Skärblacka site. We are hard at work installing it, which will make it part of the new Skärblacka PM10 – fully dedicated to white MG papers, meaning an increased supply from us of this grade of about 50 000 t/a during 2018.

This is the core of a very ambitious project and investment plan and we are thankful for the strong commitment shown by all parties involved, allowing the project to run on schedule. The next step of the project – in parallel with current construction of SPM10 – is the installation of a film press on PM7 in Skärblacka, also during Q3 2017. This will enable a variety of surface treatment opportunities, further strengthening our offering.

In connection with the start-up of SPM10 we will also begin the planned transfer of business from Gruvön PM5, given that this machine will shut down at beginning of December 2018.

The project will turn our Skärblacka production unit in Sweden into a unique world-leading centre for white MG papers. Among the new products we are planning to launch are grease-resistant papers for consumer bag and quick service food markets, grease barrier papers for dairy products – for example butter wrap – and a new medical direct seal paper for eto/irradiated single use devices.

We will keep you updated on our progress and plan to reach out to you again later this year with more details. We are enthusiastic over this opportunity to further develop our partnership with you and go forward with unlocking the potential of fibre-based packaging in general and MG papers in particular.

We’ll be in touch again soon.

Marcus Lager, Business Segment Director, Bag Solutions, BillerudKorsnäs

Steven Blacow, Business Segment Director, Speciality Papers, BillerudKorsnäs



Steven Blacow

Business Segment Director, Speciality Papers


Marcus Lager

Business Segment Director, Bag Solutions


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