Accelerate the speed of innovation

Bringing innovations to market is crucial for our long-term success. We are working in close collaboration with customers and partners to develop innovative solutions that improve the use of the earth’s resources.

  • Increase speed to market
    Now that our major investments at Gruvön and Skärblacka are complete and the division structure, with decentralised product development, has bedded in, we see good opportunities to take the next step and increase the pace of our innovation work, so that we can speed up the process from concept to market launch. Our target is for new products to account for 15% of our sales.
  • Complete our flagship projects
    Our flagship projects are chosen with great care and have the potential to change the market, improve use of resources and promote profitable growth. These projects are from day one integrated with customers, brand owners and strategic partners, which is an essential prerequisite for the products to be commercially viable. The projects that are committed to speedy progression, in order to bring solutions to market as quickly as possible, usually as next-generation launches.