Drive performance

A stable business is key for future investments in capacity, innovation and packaging solutions. We improve the foundation that is needed to drive performance by five initiatives.

  • Safe and stable production
    We need to realise the potential that exists within our production structure and the investments carried out in recent years. By setting new standards, and developing behaviours and shared working practise, we will improve safety and achieve more stable production.
  • Cost and efficiency program
    To ensure long-term efficiency and profitability, we work with a cost and efficiency programme that is expected to generate savings of approximately SEK 600 million by the end of 2021. Measures included are for example personnel reductions and procurement savings.
  • Harmonising processes and procedures
    Clear roles and responsibilities, optimised and harmonised core processes and an efficient IT infrastructure will have a positive effect on our ability to deliver in the future.
  • Lower climate footprint
    We support the principles of the UN Global Compact, our climate targets are approved by the Science Based Targets initiative ad we work on scenario analyses developed as part of the survey of our climate-related risks and opportunities, in line with the Task Force on Climate-related Disclosures (TCFD). When our business operates effectively, it is also at its most sustainable
  • Competitive wood supply
    We are Sweden’s biggest purchaser of wood, at over 10 million cubic metres per year. Long-term relationships and partnerships are crucial in securing a long-term sustainable and competitive wood supply.

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