Focus on production stability

We have put a great deal of investment into increasing production capacity in the past few years. The focus now lies on systematically optimising and improving efficiency so that each machine’s production is as effective as possible.

BillerudKorsnäs has total production capacity of approximately
3 million tonnes per year. Since 2013, in addition to ongoing investments, approximately SEK 15 billion has been invested in our mills.

During the year we commissioned the largest paper machine in Europe for manufacturing machine glazed paper (MG paper) in Skärblacka. 

Our investment in a new board machine in Gruvön, is the biggest investment for the future in the company’s history.

Focus on stability

The aim is for all our machines to be run at optimum production speed for as many hours of the day as possible with the highest quality manufacturing.

Ambitious improved efficiency target

Our Production Excellence programme is about constantly finding improvements that lead to all machines producing with as high efficiency as possible. We see potential in further
intensifying our work on improvements and increasing our Overall Equipment Efficiency. The Group’s target of increasing OEE has been broken down by production unit so that each and every employee is able to understand the target and monitor their unit’s contribution towards it.

Constant improvement

All employees who work at our production units have a Responsibility. New technical solutions or improved processes and procedures are examples of actions that can be taken. Leadership is an important aspect of creating a working environment and culture in which every employee feels safe and where problem-solving within the team fosters engagement.

Resource-efficient production without accidents

Striving for an entirely accident-free workplace that also has as little impact on the environment as possible, we drive the industry forward and facilitate production stability and growth. We work proactively to minimise accidents and injuries and have stepped up our work to reduce the number of accidents during the year.

Engaging and safe workplaces

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