Profitable growth

Global trends are changing the rules of engagement for

The right packaging for the right product

The role of packaging as a strategic competitive advantage has the potential to grow as efficiency, quality and sustainability profile become a focus for many end consumers. Packaging can help to drive up sales for brand owners who actively take part in optimising the packaging based on consumer needs and preferences.

Profitable dual growth

BillerudKorsnäs’ extensive experience and strong expertise in the packaging field provides opportunities to aid brand owners in their drive to optimise packaging for each individual product. Complementing our offer with packaging solutions is therefore a natural progression. It is also often the case that new markets require total solutions in order to be able to introduce new materials. The development and production of high-quality primary fibre-based packaging material remains the fundamental basis of our business. Since 2012, the company has, over and above ongoing investments, invested SEK 2.9 billion in the production structure, with the aim of increasing efficiency, quality, sustainability performance, profitability and growth. In the coming years, the pace of investment is set to rise with the implementation of two major projects that were decided on in 2016. Through profitable dual growth – in materials and in packaging solutions – we can create new revenues and expand our customer base. Much of our overall growth is expected to come from packaging solutions over the next few years.

Management by objectives

To clarify the link between BillerudKorsnäs’ profitable dual growth and dividends for shareholders, the company’s financial targets for 2016 have been amended. A review of the Group’s sustainability targets was also launched in 2016 in order to establish even clearer links to the relevant focus areas. Overall, the targets will ensure that the company progresses in line with its mission.