Resource-efficient production

For several decades we have been working on phasing out fossil fuels and reducing the environmental impact of our production units. Although our production today is 97 percent fossil-free, we will not stop there.

The aim to be entirely independent of fossil fuels in the production process is clear. We have already come a very long way with a use of biofuel in production and we are constantly working to develop technology and more efficient working methods.

An energy intensive production

BillerudKorsnäs’ production is energy intensive. The majority of the energy consumed is generated in the pulp process, where large amounts of waste heat are released. This excess heat is mainly used directly in production, but also provides the local community with district heating. Fossil heating oil is mainly used as back-up fuel and for starting and stopping machinery.

One of the key elements for a fossil-free production is a stable and efficient production, which cannot be attained without putting safety first.

Read more about our targets in the sustainability report.

All production units are quality and environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Swedish plants are also certified in line with the energy management system ISO 50001.

See all certificates on this page.

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Climate impact

Combatting climate change is the critical issue of our time, and a strategic priority for us.

Sustainability targets

Our sustainability work is driven by a number of tangible and ambitious targets that help us to steer our strategy and daily operations.