Fredrik Åberg

What did you study? MSc Industrial Engineering and Management at the Royal Institute of Technology and BSc Business Administration at Stockholm University.

What role did you start with and what do you work with today? I started within the supply chain management organization as a trainee implementing a sales and operations planning process at the company. I am still working with this today with the title of Demand Manager.

What was the best part of being a trainee? There were so many great parts of being a trainee so it is really hard to pick. I would say that getting to see the entire supply chain from forest to customer was a great opportunity and something which has greatly improved my understanding of an industry of which I knew hardly anything when I came to the company. With that said, gaining a bunch of new friends and spending a month abroad was not too bad either.

How has the trainee program affected your career? I would say that I got a real head start in my career much thanks to all the great people I got to know during the trainee program. Even though I was new at work and had never worked within this industry before, I knew who to call to get the help I needed when I needed it.

Why would you recommend others to apply for the trainee program? No doubt! I have already recommended the program to students I’ve met and would definitely do it again. It is a great way to get to know your new employer, colleagues and industry.