Frida Egerlid, Manager Business Process and Operational Excellence

Name: Frida Egerlid

What did you study? MSc Industrial Engineering and Management, Linköping University

When were you a trainee? 2004

What role did you start with and what do you work with today? I started as a Logistics Engineer, Maintenance at Gävle Mill. Today I work as Manager Business Process and Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Business Support.

What was the best part of being a trainee? Getting to know the entire company (and the business), creating my own network.

How has the trainee program affected your career? The network makes you known in the organization, which makes it easier to find new opportunities in your career. Also it helps me to know which areas of the company I’m more interested in.

Why would you recommend others to apply for the trainee program? Being a trainee is the best way to start working in a new company as you get a very good (and long) introduction to the company, business, products, organization, culture, people etc. A lot of the things that will make it easier for you to do your daily work later because you have the bigger picture.