Stina Carlsson, Mill Controller

Name: Stina Carlsson

What did you study? Industrial Engineering and Management at Chalmers University of Technology

When were you a trainee? 2004

What role did you start with and what do you work with today? I started as an engineer at the Department of Production Planning. A few years later I moved on to the Finance Department and I now work as a Mill Controller for the Gävle Mill. I am also part of the Gävle Mill Management Team.

What was the best part of being a trainee? I got a great chance to get to know many parts of the company (even though we in those days were only the mill in Gävle) and thereby a pretty good understanding of the process/business and I got to know a lot of people. And we had a lot of fun within the trainee group and with earlier trainees.

How has the trainee program affected your career? The broad circle of contacts and the understanding of the process has surely helped me a lot.

Why would you recommend others to apply for the trainee program? Due to the unique opportunity to get to know many different parts of the company before you start “being useful”.