Valdemar Olsson

Name: Valdemar Olsson

What did you study? MSc, Mechanical Engineering at Linköping University

What role did you start with and what do you work with today? My first role was within production where I worked as an Production Engineer. I was a part of the operation management on one of the paper machines in the Skärblacka Mill. One year ago I left production for a role as Technical Service Manager within a business segments named Sack Solutions. In this role I’m handling technical issues related to our sack paper products. This position includes a lot of contacts with sales and customer and covers a broad spectrum of work tasks; managing customer projects,  making sure that our products run well in our customers operations and handling product claims.

What was the best part of being a trainee? I think that the best part was meeting all these people from different parts of the organization. I believe the trainee program is an unique way to really get to know a company.

How has the trainee program affected your career? Since my work involves a lot of customer contacts it is valuable for me to understand our company values and having some basic knowledge about the different business within BillerudKorsnäs. Also the contact network that we received during the trainee year is very useful..

Why would you recommend others to apply for the trainee program? Because it is an perfect way to start your career within BillerudKorsnäs. It will give you an understanding of the business and I network that can be really valuable in your future career. Another reason is simply that the trainee year is very fun!