Welcome to the trainees blog!

Are you curious about what being a trainee at BillerudKorsnäs involves? Here, you will get the chance to follow the exciting journey of our trainees through BillerudKorsnäs’s one-year trainee programme. 

    29 Nov 2018

    Working as a Development Engineer in Gävle

    Hello! My name is Emelie and I work in Gävle as a Development engineer in the group Product Management & Development (earlier R&D). The first 2.5...
    22 Nov 2018

    Themed visit at Gruvön – Corrugated solutions

    During the last week of October the entire trainee group gathered at our Gruvön mill, located in Grums just outside of Karlstad, for a full week...
    16 Nov 2018

    At my home department – Adam

    Hello! My name is Adam and I’m located in Gruvön in the R&D department. The R&D department is divided into two groups; the Research group, or...
    8 Nov 2018

    My first two months here at BillerudKorsnäs, Gruvön mill – Marcus

    My name is Marcus and I joined BillerudKorsnäs this fall as a Project Manager Trainee in Corporate Programs which is a part of one of our group...
    31 Oct 2018

    At my home departement - Karin

    Hi! My name is Karin and I have the position as Business Excellence Trainee at Cartonboard in Frövi, close to Örebro. I am one of two trainees...
    25 Oct 2018

    The IT Crowd - My Home Department with Christoffer

    Hello hello! My name is Christoffer, and my trainee role is as an IT-Project Manager within the IT-department of BillerudKorsnäs. You can see...
    18 Oct 2018

    Working at my home department - Malin

    Alongside the activities within the trainee program we trainees have a home department we are stationed at. My name is Malin and I work as a...
    9 Oct 2018

    The BillerudKorsnäs Trainee Program 2018 has finally started!

    Now it’s a month ago since we trainees finally got to start our employments here at BillerudKorsnäs, something we’ve been waiting for all summer.
    12 Sep 2017

    Time flies when you’re having fun

    One year ago, 13 excited but nervous trainees met for the first time. What we didn’t know by then was what a fantastic year we had in front of us!
    27 Jun 2017


    Patricia Marx said that New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Shanghai doesn’t even sit down because there is no room. I couldn’t agree...
    13 Jun 2017

    Milan Sales Office, Italy – Erika, Development engineer, R&D

    One inspiring and interesting month in Milan has passed and I have returned to my home department enriched with a lot of new experiences. Fifteen...
    12 Jun 2017

    Rue d'Athènes 16, Paris

    This is the address to our customer service center in the middle of Paris. 2,4 km to the Musée du Louvre or 1,8 km to Sacré-Cœur or 2,7 km to Arc...