19 Dec 2014, 0:00 CET

An ordinary day as trainee - Tim Paradis

When I started to write this post and to describe “An ordinary day as trainee at BillerudKorsnäs”,the first thing I realized was that one day is often not the other one alike. As a trainee, my daily environment is often changed because of the different education modules and the different visits throughout the organization.

After I have survived the morning rush hour in Stockholm subway system I arrive to the head office in Solna. There I am welcomed with a shortening of our vision in the entrance that I believe reflect the company culture to a large extent.

This is a big part of the trainee program since the main goal for us is to see and acquire an understanding for the whole value chain of BillerudKorsnäs´ business. On top of that, the tasks within my home department HR vary greatly depending on the needs of the organization, since we are a partner function to our main business. To a large extent our work within HR is to offer our competence and process support to all our functions in areas such as; recruitment, competence management, compensation and benefits, organizational development, employer branding, healthcare, labor law to mention a few key areas. However, this also demands us to work proactively and strategically within these different areas to be able to develop and support our organization in an effective and good way. And I think this variation between strategic questions and operational tasks, plus the chance to cooperate with all functions within the company is one of the main explanations to why I enjoy working within HR so much. Then of course, it is very stimulating to be a part of a fast paced business such as BillerudKorsnäs, it makes every day very interesting and challenging.

One of the best things with being a trainee is that you get the chance to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the organization. Everyone has been very friendly, open for collaboration and taken their time to share their experience. Very valuable! Therefore, it has been easy to get to know the organization and to start creating my own network within the company. This is something I value a lot, and of course it is nice to already feel as a part of BillerudKorsnäs. Even if I am quite new to the business, I feel a genuine interest from the company and my colleagues to hear my input and I have gotten the trust to try new ways to develop our work and daily tasks. To get this responsibility is something I believe is very important for my engagement and for me to continue to develop myself.


My first time within BillerudKornsäs has been very exciting and I am definitely looking forward to more “ordinary” days as a trainee!

/ Tim