12 Dec 2014, 0:00 CET

An ordinary day as trainee – Anna Ahlgren, Forestry trainee

I have felt like a part of BillerudKorsnäs Forestry since I started, much thanks to my colleagues. The forestry department’s mission is to supply our mills with wood raw material. It is a complex activity due to the raw materials’ heterogeneity, location and seasonal climate fluctuations. This affects our wood flows and demands agreements with sawmills and other forestry companies in order to minimize transport. The logistics and business agreements surrounding this are incredibly fascinating.

I work with transport and production planning of forest biofuels as well as development projects within this area. It is a good balance between operational tasks and strategic issues. I’ve got great support from my colleague Per Ericsson. He is encouraging and knowledgeable with a holistic perspective. My greatest challenge is to maintain the structure and operation methods I have drawn up for our organisation. Regular follow-ups will be crucial.

The greatest thing with being a trainee is that it allows for understanding our business concept, vision, strategies and customers’ different needs. To regularly meet ambitious people who share their experiences and reflections is motivating. The trainee program is a true privilege.

/ Anna