29 Dec 2014, 0:00 CET

George & Per

This week the turn had come for the trainees to visit our (Per & Georges) and Eva’s home mill, Gruvön. We were really excited to show the other trainees how we work and what we are doing. It´s hard to write about this week because it happened so much and there were a lot of interesting information that was presented to us. But we will try to summarize it.


At lunch, the trainees arrived to Gruvön from various places around Sweden. It all started with that the Mill Director Fredrik Turzik welcomed us all to Gruvön and that Magdalena Finné, who is the responsible HR-person for the trainees at Gruvön, presented the schedule for the week. Later on, Johan Isaksson whom also was a trainee a couple of years back took us for a guided tour at Gruvön. He talked mostly about our two big “pans” P7 and T5 and ended it all with showing us the best view in Grums.

The evening was spent at BishopsArms where we had dinner with the management group for Gruvön mill. At the dinner, everyone presented themselves and we trainees got a better insight to the management group; who they were, what they work with and how they got where they are today. Very interesting and it was a great evening, with a lot of asked questions and a lot of laughter.


Started really early and the goal for this day was to visit a customer in Sarpsborg , Norway. After a two and a half hour drive, we arrived to a customer within our business area Containerboard. A long and boring ride you might think, however, it was a lot of fun. Even if it feels like you starting to get to know everyone in the trainee group there is always something new to discover in each other. So it was an enjoyable ride.

At the customer we met up with their Market Manager. She talked about what kind of products they produce and the company´s market. It was a lot of fun to see at what extent our products is used and how much you can use it for. She also talked about the relationship with BillerudKorsnäs and how we could cooperate to help each other.

Later on it was time for lunch, despite our preconceptions it was lasagna to lunch and not sandwiches, a really good one to. After lunch we got a guided tour in the factory where we got a better understanding for how they work and how different steps in the process functions. All from printing process to the cutting process for different boxes. In the end of the day it was a bunch of tired trainees with a lot of new information in their heads that was driving back to Grums.


A new day with new opportunities! Today it was Containerboard for the whole deal. It started with an overview presentation of containerboard by the business area´s SVP Lennart Eberleh.

Later on we got the chance to listen to people within Technical sales. Erik Gillberg talked about the different products and that different areas need different types. Henrik Nilsson then talked about how the paper is created in Gruvön and connected it to yesterday’s visit to their customer.

The later part of the day Hanna, Maja, Linnea and Sara took over and talked about their work in Boxlab and Packlab. They talked about and showed us what kind of testing they do and how many factors you have to consider before you sell a box. What kind of advantages BillerudKorsäns have that other does not and how they work in technical sales to always improve. The whole day escalated in a competition where all the days knowledge where required to build the strongest box. It was a really tight between group number one and two where an eliminations question decided which team had won the competition.


After the intense Boxlab-competition yesterday where the wrong team won, not ours, it was time for a production related day. We started off with a brief introduction of Gruvöns entire process with Hans Hedström who is Manager for Production Planning. He presented the different pulp lines, paper machines, the bark boiler, digester and the entire recovery plant. After some slides we went out to see different parts of Gruvön and to continue the introduction. Here’s a picture of the wonderful view from the top of the digester, approximately 80 meters above ground.

During the afternoon the theme was investments and projects with Leif Karlsson and Alf Sondell. Where we learned about how investments are made in BillerudKorsnäs. Later on we had a lecture on current projects at Gruvön and also the long term projects. That was the last lecture and also the end of day 4.

After a very interesting day with lots of information about the production, investments and projects we headed back to Karlstad. We trainees that is stationed at Gruvön, George, Per and Eva, had secretly decided the plan for the afternoon. We first went to a Curling Club were played some Curling and had a new competition. The winning team this time was: Per, Anna S, Mattias and Daniel who got the honor to win a nice BillerudKorsnäs-pen. After much fun at the Curling Club it was time for dinner.

We had dinner in a nice place in Karlstad where they serve dinner on a 400 degree hot lava stone. During the dinner we had the price ceremony. The dinner was a pleasant end for the last night at Karlstad.


Friday was the last day at Gruvön and the first mill visit. We started of the day with a trainee-reunion with some previous trainees at Gruvön. Were we got to talk about how previous trainee program was and our own expectations and concerns for this trainee program.

Later we got to meet the project leaders for the two large investments at Gruvön “Press Harder” and “Pulp 2015” where investments is made in PM6 (fluting-machine) and the softwood pulp line.

The very last thing on the schedule was some free-time where we met different people of our choosing and some reflections on the week. We can summarize it with one “new-age” word: Awesomeness…

/ George & Per