16 Apr 2015, 0:00 CET

A day as a Process Engineer-Gabriel Joki

Today it is Friday, definitely the best day of the week as Friday-dessert is served at lunch! Besides, it starts of as all the other days with an initial check-in at office, remembering what was done yesterday and trying to figure out an estimated plan for the day. Working hours on a Friday is usually 08:00 to 15:00, i.e. one and a half hours shorter day, which is nice. Anyway, at 08:30 am, we have the daily “morning pray” which is a meeting were yesterday’s productions is discussed and action plans for the production are made. These meetings do only take around 15 minutes but they are really useful in order to get an overview of the current state of the process.

This Friday I am writing an end report of a project I have made. It is about a lime evaluation project were I have studied the possibility to use another lime in the process here at Karlsborg, besides the one that is already used. As in every report, the analytical view with discussion is the most interesting part to write but until you get there, there is a lot of tedious, but still very important work that has to be done.

Lunch is at 11:30 am and as I said, it means Friday-dessert! The most exciting part is that you do not know what it is until you see, that is because they only present the lunch menu with “Friday-dessert”. As you might have guessed there are a lot more people eating lunch at the restaurant on Fridays.

Every second week we do have a “Friday-meeting” at 13:00, which is a department meeting were I, together with the other process engineers, meet our manager. At this meeting we go through some information about what is recently happening, any risk observation that might have been reported and also what we have been working with the last two weeks. This is another very appreciated meeting as you get the chance to catch up with your fellow coworkers which might not happen elsewhere. To be remembered is that not all of the process engineers work with the Kraft pulp mill, some work primarily with the sack paper or the coating department.

This Friday-meeting is a 1 hour meeting, which means that there is just one hour left of the day if you are planning to leave at 15:00. In other words, it is time for you to start finishing off at your office. This could include a reflection on what have been done, what to do next and of course discussing the happening of the weekend with a coworker over a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

// Gabriel