9 Mar 2015, 0:00 CET

A day as an improvement coordinator – Mattias Åsling

My role as an improvement coordinator is much diversified. One day I can work strategically and develop plans for our improvement program at the Gävle mill and the next day I can be analyzing reports from the production, trying to find deviations that we need to eliminate.

This also means that you are given responsibility from the day one which I really like. An example of this was that I was recruited to the Flow Pillar at the Frövi mill during my second week at work. A Flow pillar is a project group working with flows within the mill and trying to eliminate losses and improve efficiency. This is closely linked to my education within industrial logistics which made me very excited, to practice what I have been taught for 5 years. The focus area for the Flow Pillar is the finishing department at the carton mill and the group consists of operators, supply chain, management and also another trainee, Fredrik Åberg at supply chain.

The Flow Pillar was initially tasked with reducing the work in capital at the Frövi mill which is one of the goals set by the management since Billerud and Korsnäs merged. The work started with process mapping to get an understanding on how the actual flow was for the products. This involved interviewing people, physically inspecting the flow and collecting data from systems. This resulted in two maps showing the general flow of the products. The work has then continued with doing value flow analysis of the process steps from the process map to identify losses and eliminating them with improvements teams. In the picture below you can see parts of the Flow Pillar doing a value flow analysis of the winder machine in Frövi.

The Flow Pillar will continue with reducing the work in capital and will also start working with the big project in Frövi, Ahead 550, were we will focus on increasing the capacity at the finishing department. Being part of the Flow Pillar have been very interesting and fun and have given me an opportunity to use the tools I learned about during my studies. Up to now, my time as a trainee and improvement coordinator has been excellent. Being given responsibility from day one, continually developing myself and that I have been very well received at the company is something I really value and make me look forward to the rest of my “ordinary” days at Billerudkorsnäs.