14 Jul 2015, 9:00 CET

An ordinary day as a trainee - Fredrik Åberg

As I am writing this, I have worked as a trainee for more than 9 months and have already got to learn and develop so much within the company that I hardly feel like a trainee anymore. With that said, I will try distill my experiences into a short and hopefully not all too boring text.

My main task in BillerudKorsnäs is to develop and maintain our demand management process and system. Demand management is basically a process to, as accurately as possible, forecast future demand for products to serve as an input to other planning processes within the company. I have my most intense periods during forecast updates. At these times, the sales organization work in our demand planning system, entering their sales projections in accordance to our demand planning process. My task at these times is to support the sales organization in their work within the system and process. This means that I sometimes work with system administration e.g. cleaning and loading data, setting up new user accounts and training new users in how to use the system, while at other times I discuss process improvements with stakeholders in our management. Between these updates I try to collect as much input as possible from the sales organization, and other sources, in order to improve both the system and the demand management process as a whole. 

In addition to my work with demand management, I am also involved in what we at our Frövi mill call a flow pillar, which is a part of BillerudKorsnäs work with operational excellence. The task of the flow pillar is to map the value stream from customer to the Frövi mill and compare that value stream to a vision of an ideal one. When we identify gaps between these two, we are tasked with starting and monitoring teams of employees that will work to close them. My main task in this pillar is to work as an analyst. Basically, this means that I get questions from the other members in the pillar and then have to figure out a way to retrieve and compile data in a way that answers the question. For a data junkie like me, this is always a lot of fun and gives me an opportunity to develop my Excel and VBA skillset.

For me, the best thing with the trainee program has been the opportunity to, right from the start, combine my work with operational excellence at one of our mills with my work with demand management. This has given me the opportunity to create a broad network throughout the organization and to understand the value stream in all its complexity from the customer to the board machine.

/ Fredrik