16 Jan 2015, 0:00 CET

An ordinary day as a trainee – Per Ehrencrona

I start between 06:00-07:00 depends on how much I have to do this day. If it is an ordinary day, the group sits down and takes a coffee and talk about the things that have happened the night before and the different tasks that must be coordinated during the day. After that, I go to the different machines and listens to a thing we call “morning-pray”. 

After that my day starts for real. The first months my boss gave some hints of what he thought I should do. But in the end it was up to me to schedule meetings with people at different departments here at Gruvön whom I thought was interesting to meet. For me that worked really good cause my education does not go hand in hand with the things I am supposed to work with. But to meet this variety of people with different educations and abilities really made me feel like I was in a great place. And just because you start as one thing does not mean that you cannot develop or maybe work with something else for BillerudKorsnäs in the future, that is a refreshing thought to carry with you.

If we go back to my day, I am responsible for some different projects and that means that a lot of my day goes to investigate different problems, both out “in real life” and also by the computer. It also means that I take part in a lot of meetings where we discuss matters which are connected to the problem or sometimes the problem itself. The most important thing about my day is to find/think about the best solution.

The best part of working at maintenance is that no day is like the other, things happen all the time. It is a real stressful environment but the good thing about that is that you develop both your skills and your way of thinking. To always has the task to reflect on: why did this happen? How can we do this better? It is a constant struggle to be better and faster and that is something that suits me as a person.

I almost forgot the best thing, I laugh every day at this place and it makes me looking forward to the next day!