19 Jun 2015, 0:00 CET

An ordinary day as a trainee, Valdemar Olsson

My first contact with the paper industry and BillerudKorsnäs was a summer job at the Skärblacka mill in 2012. Since then I have been doing different school projects, including my master thesis, at BK Skärblacka. I have also worked at the Skärblacka mill during holidays.

When it was announced that BK were planning to have a trainee program I was of course interested. The position within the trainee program that I applied for was named Paper Engineer (Process Engineer) at PM9, one of the paper machines in Skärblacka.Since 1st of March, I am working in the market organization as Technical Sales for the products that are produced on PM9. Technical Sales could be described as a bridge between the sales- and the production-organization. This includes claim handling, technical assistance to customers and salespersons and sharing knowledge from the sales organization to production at the mill.

A typical day at Technical Sales is very varied; customers and salespersons send different kind of requests and questions, and sometimes production has questions or information for the customers or to the sales organization. Therefore a lot of the day is spent on the phone and mailing. Besides this I might handle a claim by looking into our various production systems also means a lot of coordination; handling samples from sales to our laboratory, showing customer samples and problems to production and so on.

Many of the tasks that I am faced involve a lot of contacts with different people.

First and foremost, I must understand the claim. Doing so often involves talking to the customer or to the responsible salesman. Often we are sent paper samples to analyze in our laboratory in cooperation with our laboratory personnel. After understanding the problem, the next step is to understand the root cause for the problem and hopefully find a way to avoid reoccurrence of the problem. Doing so involves using available production records and discussing the problem with production, production planning or someone from the supply chain organization. Finally I again have to discuss with the salesman about appropriate compensation and formulate an answer to the customer where we describe what has happened during production as well as our actions to avoid it in the future.

//Valdemar Olsson