11 Jun 2015, 0:00 CET

An ordinary day as trainee at BillerudKorsnäs

It sounds like a cliché but the last few weeks have really been full of new tasks and trainings. April began with Easter (short week), and every first week of a new month we do a summary of last month.

I travel to Skärblacka by bus and often arrive at half past 7 and got this view on my way to the office, which is located inside the mill site.

I summarize the work done by my department, business development, mainly about the mills systematic improvements and if we did find some deviations in processes, which includes all the environment and quality deviations at the mill. It can for example include production failure, problem with suppliers or process-related problems. All incoming deviations should be investigated, eliminated and followed up by a person who is responsible for the problem. The week after we had the last trainee meeting which focused on the business area Packaging Paper, which is the largest business here at Skärblacka and therefore all the trainees were invited here to Skärblacka/Norrköping for one week.

After a week with many interesting presentations and discussions you always got a lot of things to catch up with and because I, and all the other trainees, will go abroad and work at BillerudKorsnäs different sales offices for one month I had I lot of tasks that needed to been finished.

But now, a typical day as Change Manager in Skärblacka, when there is no trainee training, study or visit to the sales office, also looks very different from day to day. My biggest focus the last month has been on trying to build a more structure way of working with systematic improvement here at the mill. For example, we started something that we call A3 or improvement activity that I coordinate and is responsible for. This is an activity that is time limited, smaller cases and less complexity than a project, all employees can participate and with the goal to improve the business. Here at Skärblacka workers are very good at finding and making improvements in the process but we have seen a need for a more structure way of working with this, especially with better follow-up of what we have improved and we hope that the A3 is a good start to achieve this. My duties related to this are for example to educate and train employees and managers in working with systematic improvements and A3, coordinating and monitoring all active and completed A3 projects. The monitoring includes, for example, to find focus areas at the mill where we are doing a lot of improvements and analyze why, but above all to find improvements on the using and working with A3, and how we can become better in the future. These improvement activities are done throughout the mill, and that means that I work all over the mill, with different departments and different people.

//Henrik Johansson