23 Jun 2015, 0:00 CET

Co-workers also get the chance to develop!

My name is Glenn Utter and I am not a trainee, I am one of the twelve co-workers that have been given the chance to join the trainee module sessions. In these sessions we all have been educated by “M-gruppen” and listened to individuals from the Senior Management Team of BillerudKorsnäs to learn more about the company as a whole. Who am I? Why did I apply for the modules? What have I learned during these sessions that I can use in my daily work? Let me give it a try to give you some answers to these questions.

I’ve been working at Frövi Mill since 2007. But my carrier started already in 2002 when I was a summer worker. For six summers in a row I spent more or less the whole summer at the Frövi Mill, mostly as a warehouse operator. I enjoyed working in Frövi and it was the perfect summer job while spending my other time on the soccer field, at the university or home with my family (wife, 2 kids & a dog). So when I got the question if I wanted to stay permanently, I just couldn’t say no!

Since 2007, I have worked shifts as a fork lift driver, meeting a lot of people both internally (different leaders & operators) and externally (mostly truck drivers but also some warehouse workers). I’ve seen different cultures and co-operations, experienced Frövi Mill being sold to Korsnäs (2006) and also merged with Billerud (2012). Whether I like it or not, I’ve also experienced quite a lot of organizational changes. Some that I still can wonder “was that really necessary”, some that I immediately saw the need for and some that I first afterword must confess was needed to develop the company to where we are today, even if I couldn’t see it at the very beginning.

But wait, what is changing all about? Being a human being, “I don’t want to change” is a very common phrase, but for me change is more about development. Both to develop myself to think new, to learn more, to get new inputs to contribute to the development of Frövi Mill and BillerudKorsnäs, but most important to develop my co-workers. When writing about “co-workers development”, I immediately thought about leadership and education and that may be two of my biggest interests that have followed my path during life so far. So when thinking of change in that way, I can honestly say that I really want to be a part of driving change and to contribute to the development of BillerudKorsnäs as a whole.      

I’m convinced that my, and others, development happens in the interaction with other people. And what could then be more appropriate for me right now than to interact with the new Trainees, the eleven “co-workers” and all the other people that we have met  during these modules? I have really enjoyed to be a part of the Trainee Modules Management Training and I really appreciate the chance to think, discuss and practice on topics such as people, changes, leadership, cultures, economics, storytelling, presentations, innovation, meditation and of course BillerudKorsnäs! I guess this is why I applied for the program, so Thank You All! 

Now, what will I then do with all these new inputs to my backpack? Well, these last six months I´ve worked within the BKOM-method as a member of Frövi Mills “Flow Pillar”. This cross-functional team is trying to define losses in different kinds of flows. To define a certain flow we began to create “value stream maps” (picture) and then we fill the map with information so that we can try to define the flows effectiveness. And when that is defined we can start discussing development! Actually, from the first of April I’ve been given a greater responsibility within the BKOM-organization, I’ve gotten a new job within BillerudKorsnäs. With a new department, office, coworkers and tasks, I am certain: I have gotten the chance to keep on develop!


// Glenn Utter