17 May 2015, 0:00 CET

Innovation, Handling Stress and Evaluation

Time flies and it was now time for the last training module within the trainee program. The whole group of trainees and veterans met once again at the celebrity inspired Såstaholm in Stockholm. We arrived in the midmorning to catch up with each other before the first lecture started with the theme innovation.

Day 1

The lecturer was Orren Shalit from Amplify who has a lot of experience of working with innovation. He inspired us to both think outside the box and be aware of all information around us. One of the clearest learning outcomes from the session for most of us was that innovation can be done in a structured way and there are a lot of tools to support innovative thinking.

In the late afternoon, Anders Persson, Director New Business Lab, and Stefan Roxenby, Business Development Manager, from BillerudKorsnäs visited us. They presented how BillerudKorsnäs works with innovation and our Innovation Agenda. The Innovation Agenda is a way to accelerate the efforts already going on in the organisation and to identify new possibilities.

We ended the first day with a dinner and got our diplomas for completing the nine days of Management Training.

Day 2

For the final day the theme had been decided by the group, which was “Stress and how to work with it”. The presenter for this theme was Håkan Friedel from the M-group who is working with stress on a daily basis. He talked about his own experiences with stress, both personal and from working with stressed out people and methods for dealing with stress.

The day was concluded with an evaluation of the management training program as well as input from the group for the next trainee program. All in all, these modules have been really educational and great to participate in and there are definitely things that we can incorporate in our daily work!

Finally, we would like to thank Thomas Press and Lars Fredriksson for organizing the management training program, all the presenters for the various themes and of course all the trainees and veterans participating.

//Anna S & Daniel