4 Feb 2015, 0:00 CET

The Head Office

It was an early wake up call for us at Ulfsunda Slott and some sleepy faces around the breakfast tables. But as always, the coffee did its trick and an awakened bunch was heading off to Solna. All though the head office at first glance might not sound as exciting as our action filled visits at the mills it was still a few intense and interesting hours in Solna. Three former trainees from Billerud welcomed us and took care of us for the day.

In the first session we discussed BillerudKornäs values, Think New, Cooperate, Create Value and Feel Responsibility together with the HR department and how these values can have different meaning depending on which position you have. We also committed to starting to ask more questions, not only “what?” but also “why?”, and more importantly we committed to keeping up the network we are building during this trainee year long after the year is over.

The day went on with Business Support department and how they work, for instance when a new sales office is set up. Showing the importance of having someone that makes sure that we have common processes and structures when working together.

Finally we listened to Head of Sustainability, Bengt Brunberg, telling us about BillerudKorsnäs view of sustainability. Questions regarding sustainability is getting more and more attention everywhere, amongst companies and consumers, making it something that is no longer just “a nice thing to have” but crucial for success. Also amongst the trainees sustainability had been an important issue when choosing which company to work for, making us extra happy to see that it really is something that is important for this company.

A quick good bye and everyone went back home, now we won’t see each other until after New Year’s which feels quite sad. As always we are completely exhausted from all the new expressions and experiences. Now it is time to get ready for 2 weeks of shift practice at the mills, and see if we can manage to stay awake for an entire night shift!

//Two excited trainees; Johan and Maija