21 Jul 2015, 7:00 CET

This is how we work in Corrugated Solutions – Eva Gómez

I work in the Gruvön mill, workplace of BillerudKorsnäs Corrugated Solutions team. As a part of the Technical Sales department we serve as technical support and assistance to customers and sales managers. We optimize and reengineer board and packaging through experimental and theoretical analysis. Since my daily work varies a lot from day to day I will better tell you how I work with projects.

Projects can be very different depending on where they come from: which customer, product, market and end-use. Generally, when the customer wants to improve their packaging we start by finding out the conditions the packaging is exposed to during the whole value chain. After collecting all data, we evaluate the current design, find the right materials for improvements and come up with a new solution. In the development process, we perform tests in controlled environments to ensure that the new package will withstand said conditions. We consider different options and together with theoretical calculations we find the most cost-effective solution for the customer.

I am currently working on a project to optimize the board specification of a big brand owner (I am not going to tell you who it is J). After a long and nice meeting where we discuss their current choice and possibilities to improve, we all started working. I found out information about their supply chain, every little detail that could be relevant. They ordered the samples and they were sent to BoxLab. Once here, several pre-conditioning steps were followed to prepare the samples before testing. Today, I have finished all the experimental part, I performed a lot tests to board and boxes in different climate conditions. Now it is time to think… think and think a bit more! Evaluate results of their current packaging, compare with their requirements, look into different options, do theoretical calculations, OPTIMIZE! And by next week I will deliver a detailed report with the results of the study.

Of course I don’t work full time on only one project, I have 4 other projects going on simultaneously, 3 customer related and one for internal development. All these make my days change a lot so I plan my daily work depending on the projects I am working on. The only thing that is fixed is that I come to work by bus, just 30 minutes from door to door, that we take 2 short coffee breaks during the day and we have a lunch break which time will depend on how hungry we are.

Thank you for reading, and here is a picture of the wood chips I see from my office every day.