12 Nov 2016, 1:00 CET

Corrugated Solutions – Jon, Finance trainee

Once again it was time for another week with the trainees, where the main focus was targeted toward the business area Corrugated Solutions. I will try to summon the intense week that combined theory and practical work. During the week we learned how important it is to produce quality products with low weight. With our quality we can lower the transport cost for our purchasers but also reduce food waste due to the lack of quality other companies offer. I’m so amazed to see how we work to be a world leading supplier of packaging material. To bring off the requirement, the material needs to be strong and manage different types of climate, where humidity is one of the hardest to handle. In the picture you see when we got the chance to test how humidity affects a product’s resistance to pressure. 

We also got a tour in and around the mill area by one of our Gruvön colleges. He told us about the history of the mill and gave us an introduction to some of the actions BillerudKorsnäs has taken to reduce pollution and environmental impact. It’s very inspiring to be part of a company that apart from producing strong material also thrives to be a role model and save the environment. 

During one day we left Sweden for a trip to Norway. Whilst we were there we met one of our customers; Glomma Papp. Glomma Papp is a converter and creates different types of boxes from our materials, fun and educational to see the next step in the value chain. The picture is from their fabric.

Most Important Message from this week?

It’s required that the entire company is working hard as a team to produce world class material in a high tempo, keeping in mind that all steps affect the next one in the production!

What is your best memory from the week?

When we met two of the old trainees George and Per, who ran a cooperation exercise with us. The exercise was a simulation of how to plan and execute production of boxes. Simultaneously some unexpected events occurred; the “machine” (scissor) needed reparation and some of the staff got ill or needed vacation, to mention a few examples. Just to make it harder for the teams to succeed. A very good exercise that showed the importance of good planning and communication, and of course it was fun with some competition.

What made this week valuable/fun/educational/interesting/special/..?

Amongst all educational lectures and exercises I want to highlight two things. First of all the opportunity we have to make valuable contacts for the future, really useful. Second, it’s so much fun to be trainee at BillerudKorsnäs. The colleges are amazing and we have fun both on and off work. One example is that we during one night played paintball together, loads of adrenalin and bruises, but all worth it in the end.   


What knowledge can you bring home to your home department?

BillerudKorsnäs has an interesting history, both before and after the consolidation. The best part is that BillerudKorsnäs still wants to accomplish more. I’m proud to work here; the company wants to grow and we always thrive to create more value for our customers.