13 Oct 2016, 0:00 CET

First week with the Trainee family - Maria, Product and Business development, Consumer Board Tetra Pak

So, I’ve got the great honor to write our first blogpost for this year’s trainee blog, and first of all I’d like to say; Welcome! For three weeks, since our kickoff, the trainee group has been positioned at each home department, and now, we were suddenly back together as a group for a whole week in Lidingö (Training Module 1) & Gimo (Forestry). The week has been educational, intense, and so much fun! 

The training at Lidingö was the first of four educational modules in the trainee program. But for me, it was much more than just education. We worked with getting to know ourselves, in order to create a starting point for our further development. We went through many really exciting tests, tasks and workshops to find our inner personality (…it might sound nuts, but I think we all found it very exciting!). Doing this together with the trainees, made us become a strong group, well aware of our inequalities and how to cope with each other. 

In Gimo we met BillerudKorsnäs Forestry, where Caroline Rothpfeffer (Environmental Manager) told us about Swedish forestry and the BK-way of collaborating with different concerned forest actors. We also got to plant some own pine- and spruce plants, and see the harvesting and soil scarification procedure. 

Apart from all the informative and educational parts of the week, we had (of course) a lot of social activities; a cozy dinner in a hunting cabin, clay pigeon shooting, dart competitions, pool games and other nice get-to-know-each-other-activities. 

What is your Most Important Message from this week?
-The Swedish forestry is in good hands. For each harvested tree there are 3 new trees planted. Only the return of the growth is harvested.

What is your best memory from the week?

-Me and Andreas got the chance to enter the harvesting machine, where we were thought which buttons to press to make a fully grown tree fall to the ground. The driver, Vesa, was a really nice guy who actually seemed to love his job.

What made this week so special?

- During the week, we went from being a group of nervous, curious people unknown to each other, into becoming a strong and comfortable group of individuals with a common belief in this industry.

What knowledge can you bring home to your home department?

This week gave me a lot of new energy and forestry knowledge with a great overview. When I’m at my home department, dealing with product qualities and details within my product area, I will remember the big picture of it. That what we do actually contributes to a sustainable future! That will make me motivated in my daily work!