30 Nov 2016, 19:00 CET

Second educational module and visit to the head office – Sofia, Development Engineer, R&D

The time has come for me, Sofia, to write the following blog post! Usually I work at the Research and Development Department at Skärblacka Mill but this post will be about our three days in Stockholm. We started off with two days on Lidingö with Training Module 2.

The first theme was communication and storytelling. We had Peter Ström to help and instruct us during these days. Peter has a lot of experience with arranging events, both internally and externally, for big companies that wishes to communicate their new ideas. He also produces big cultural events, like Christmas shows and BOUNCE, and has done so since the late 70’s! During his sessions we learned how to build your story and make a good presentation, because that is crucial if you want to communicate your vision! If you can’t do a good presentation it doesn’t matter that you have a lot of interesting and important stuff to say, you will still end up with no one listening to you.

Peter Ström presenting what the word “strategy” really means.

One important thing we learned was that you don’t need to be born with a certain skill to be a good speaker - all it takes is determination to learn! A good example of that is Winston Churchill. 

We were shown how to build a story in examples of good and bad speeches. One of my favorite was the following speech held by Maurice Williamson in the New Zeeland parliament when debating the Marriage Amendment Bill. With humor and compassion he argued for his cause in a very convincing way.

The second day was all about sustainability when we first, in groups, presented tasks from the previous day concerning sustainability (with all the important things we learned, of course!) and then a visit from Louise Wohrne, Sustainability Developer at BillerudKorsnäs. She told us about our sustainability work and the strategy for the future. It feels really comforting that we do what we say; we challenge conventional packaging for a sustainable future!

My group brain storming about how to “hook” the audience when presenting our sustainability task

The two days on Lidingö were followed by the last one at the head office in Solna where we learned the importance of safety before the shift work we are to do in December. After a lunch with some old trainees we had a workshop about the values and how we can use them during our trainee year.

Presentation from the values workshop.

What is your best memory from the week?

Besides all the valuable tips we got concerning communication, winning the pub quiz that we participated in on Wednesday evening in Solna! Now, with new energy I return to Skärblacka and I’m already looking forward to the next meeting in January!

The winning team.