15 Nov 2016, 10:00 CET

Welcome to Frövi – A “regular” day through my eyes– Edin, Improvement Coordinator, BKOM

I’m located in Frövi, Örebro.  At this mill we produce primarily cartonboard and liquid packaging board. Selling world-class material requires world-class manufacturing (WCM). In order to achieve world-class manufacturing, the mill introduced WCM in 2010. BKOM – “BillerudKorsnäs Operativa Management” is our adaptation of WCM. BKOM aims to enhance methods and train staff to become a world-class company. 

Every new week as a BKOM Coordinator starts with a morning meeting, during this meeting everybody gets up to speed on the work conducted the previous week and how the current upcoming week looks like. 

Sandra Andersson presenting her upcoming week.

My day started with an experiment in our pilot machine. The machine is similar to KM5 (carton board machine in Frövi) but in a smaller scale. After one week at the company I got enrolled in a BKOM Improvement Team. Team F-152 is tasked with the objective to reduce the occurrence of blade scratches. These scratches occur during the coating process and impair the printing quality characteristic of the product, which negatively affects the customer.

The team has developed several different theories regarding the root cause and today we got the opportunity to confirm the plausibility of some theories.

Team member Petra Lönnberg and Team leader Matz Sjögren reviewing the route used for this improvement team.

Afterward the experiment was conducted; it was time to assemble our team board. A team board is a great instrument which is used during a BKOM team. The board acts as fundamental stepping stone for gaining a holistic view over the progression of the team and is externally communicated in order to inform the coating process and gain input from affected people in the production.

My office and Caroline Axellie

What does your office look like?

I share an office with my work colleague Caroline Axellie. It’s a small but cozy office with excellent floor planning. The office has excellent transport links (5 seconds to the break room and 6 seconds to the bathroom) and is located just a stone´s throw from KM5 and the canteen. 

How much coffee do you drink?

Sting said it best in the song Englishman in New York: “I don't drink coffee I take tea my dear”. The consumption cannot be disclosed.

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