20 Dec 2016, 21:00 CET

Welcome to the Gävle Mill – Roa, Reliability Engineer

I’m currently working as a Reliability Engineer at our mill in the home-town of the famous Gävle Goat (a.k.a Gävlebocken) and as the name indicates the mill is located in Gävle. We are the home for every fifth aseptic liquid pack in world (which is around 200 million packs per day) and we also produce white top liner.

What do you work with?

My role currently entitles me to investigating new emerging technologies such as Internet of Things and also working with process planning of how to implement different security standard so we can keep working in a safe way in our mills. For BillerudKorsnäs safety and working safe is the first priority, we believe that nothing is important enough to endanger the safety of the personal or harm the environment.

My week differs from week to week, in my team we usually have a Friday meeting where we plan our upcoming schedule and update each other what we have been doing so far and what our next step is. My team works very independently with their task and we are allowed to take ownership of that work we are doing. My team consists of 4 people and currently 3 of us are developing a process schedule for implementation of a new standard. My work usually allows me to visit people for meeting, a lot of e-mails of course because as we all know that is hard to run away from.

One of my mini wishes I have for this remaining year is to discover and visit all of our roofs. So far it has not been a disappointed view as you can see of all mine artsy picture below.

What does your office look like?

I would have loved to share with you guys a picture of my office but because I haven’t officially moved in yet. It’s mostly contains of two boxes on the floor and a desk. I have been on room-tour these months but finally found the room for me; it’s on the first floor, very spacious and open space with two big windows to distract me from work. This is all that I can share with you guys at the moment but I’m just at the design planning phase!

How much coffee do you drink?


One thing one should learn from being a full-time employee is the ridiculously amount of coffee one starts to consume. I can’t even keep up with a number but I think by 10 o’clock I have already had around 3 cups. The energy that is gained by the coffee drinking is well used on this fly ride;

Well this all for me! I wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!//Roa Eliwi

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