10 Apr 2017, 21:00 CET

A day with Britta, Business Development Cartonboard

What do you actually do at Business Development? This is a question I have been asked many times since I started this job. Today I think I have the answer. 

My name is Britta and my home department is Business development Cartonboard. Working with Business Development at Cartonboard means that I’m working in different projects to help and structure our possibilities for Cartonboard businesses. As you understand, these projects can have many different directions and outlooks.

This is Frövi mill and my office building ”Vita huset”

I’m placed at Frövi mill outside of Örebro, which is the only mill in BillerudKorsnäs that’s producing Cartonboard. Even though I’m placed in Frövi, I’m not always there since I’m traveling a bit to meet different project groups. Today I’m on my way to our head office in Solna for a meeting with people from Business Support and an external system developer Gaia.

Me in my office in Frövi

In the project we are going to work on today, is about developing a Customer Portal for our Cartonboard customers. My role in the project team is to make sure that all functions, which make our business possible, are in place in the portal. Each week we have online meetings how the work is going, but today we are meeting in persons to have a work shop round the portal’s start page.

The developing mode of the Customer Portal...

This is just one of the projects I’m working on right now. I like that the projects I’m working on are very different for each other and therefore is an ordinary day difficult to describe. Another project I’m been working on, is a project about the Future sheeting strategy for Cartonboard. In that project my role is to collect and analyze data. Then my work is more about answering questions as: What have we done before? What does the customer want? And what should we do in the future? The best thing being a business development trainee at Cartonboard is that I got to work together with so many different people within BillerudKorsnäs, for example Sales managers, Customer service specialists, Logistics managers and Business controllers.



After a long day at Solna I’m now on the train back to Örebro.

 /Britta Björklund