22 Apr 2017, 0:00 CET

Consumer board at Gävle, Frövi and Rockhammar – Erika, development engineer

Now it is time for me, Erika, to give a short summarize of the theme week Consumer board, which included a visit at Gävle, Frövi and Rockhammar mill, but also a visit to our customer Tetra Pak.

Most Important Message from this week?

Safety first, no matter what! We began the week at Gävle mill and first, we met the mill director Magnus Kangas. His first question to the whole trainee group was; have you controlled where the emergency exits are located? Magnus is a role model in safety; just have a look at the picture below. The yellow boxes are used in the work with “Bryt & Lås”. To make sure no one could start the machine during maintenance work, padlocks are installed and often several padlocks at different positions are needed. Then, by putting all the keys in one of these boxes and then finally lock it with a personal padlock, the safety is in your hands.

Emma is all in for safety, wearing the safety helmet inside when playing table tennis.

What is your best memory from the week?

Several of the trainees, including myself, are real contestants and therefore my best memories are the small competitions at Frövi mill. In the first one, we were about to build a Lego train within 8 minutes and in the second one, we were about to guess how different “windows” affects the performance of a box. These competitions are not only fun, but also educational in different ways.


“I´m watching you”


Deep discussion about what “window” having the biggest impact on the box performance. 

- What made this week valuable/fun/educational/interesting/special/..?



The excitement is high every time the result is about to be presented, nobody wants to lose.

The visit at Tetra Pak was really interesting and educational. We saw Ruben Rausing´s first prototype from 1946, for the production of Tetra Classic, but also modern machines in action. It was also really cool to enter their “Package room” in which the walls were covered with all packages their machines produces around the world.

What knowledge can you bring home to your home department?

With increased knowledge, you realize how much more there is to learn and how little you actually know. But that is what makes this job so interesting and fun!