11 May 2017, 10:53 CET

International posting in Nottingham, UK – Gustaf, maintenance engineer

I have been asked to write about my expectations for my posting at BillerudKorsnäs Customer Service Center for UK & Ireland located in the city of Nottingham, really in the geographical heart of England. It is at the beginning of my third day at the office that I’m writing this. I thought it would be best to write about my expectations at an early stage. 

I will be joined by another trainee from Sweden next week but until then I’m the only Swedish person at the office. Not a very new situation for me but compared to working at the Mill in Karlsborg it’s quite the contrast. The transition into using English as a working language has been largely unproblematic. So far I have accustomed myself in the city of Nottingham and the office where I will be working for the next month.

Nottingham is a medium-sized city with a lot to offer in all categories but well worth a visit for the many good restaurants and pubs alone. I live in a serviced apartment in the City Centre and get to work by riding the tram for 15 minutes. I have met most of my colleagues and I have to say that I feel very lucky to have gotten this opportunity to live and work here for a whole month!

To be posted here and meet with all the Customer Service Specialists, Sales Managers etc. really ties the sack together in terms of understanding how the company operates and combined with the prior training and work at my home department it gives a broad and full picture that very few people get to experience and the makes me feel extraordinary fortunate.

Customer Services (Packaging Paper & Corrugated Solutions), UK & Ireland From left to right: Catherine Horan (Team Leader) – Pulp & MF followed by Customer Service Specialists Kirsty Dickson – Pulp, MF & Corrugated, Katrina Skerrit – MG and Hazel Lynch – Corrugated & Sack

Apart from the introduction and training in sales and customer service we will also work with two very interesting independent projects, one competitor analysis and one market analysis. We will also document a large part of our time here in UK for various purposes.

In about 10 days we will go for a 3 day visit to the production site in Beetham in the northwest of England. It is a small non-integrated mill in a charming small town, from what I have heard. We will hire a car and drive to Beetham, it’s about a 3 hour drive. I’m sure it will be a lovely trip and I’m looking forward to it a lot.