13 Jun 2017, 14:29 CET

Milan Sales Office, Italy – Erika, Development engineer, R&D

One inspiring and interesting month in Milan has passed and I have returned to my home department enriched with a lot of new experiences. Fifteen very nice colleagues are working at our Sales Office in Milan. Their most important task is to keep customers satisfied, even in times when the production at the mills does not work as expected and the supply of paper is lower than the demand. The Customer Service Specialists are doing a great job in these situations, working as a bridge between the production at the mills and the customers.

The visit at the Milan office also included visits to different customers, corporation partners and one of our terminals in Milan. Really interesting and educational visits covering different areas even though I quickly realized that Italian is a prerequisite for being able to work in this industry in Italy, luckily our Sales Managers are great translators.

A warehouse filled with rills from BillerudKorsnäs, beautiful sight ;)

Of course I did not only work during my stay in Milan. If you like fashion and shopping, Milan and especially the street Buenos Aires is the place to bee. My apartment was located next to this street but I could not have cared less as I am not a shopping fan ;) I was more pleased with the park that was located just 500 meters from the apartment, in which I could have my morning runs. The city also offers a lot of old churches and cathedrals. The famous cathedral Duomo was huge and it offered sweeping views from its roof terrace. I also had a weekend trip to the beautiful area Cinque Terre which was an absolutely fantastic experience. Not to forget is the Italian food; pasta carbonara, pasta pesto, pasta bolognese, real Italian pizza and focaccia, just to mention some of my favorites. You will never have to worry about being hungry in Italy.

Porta Venezia, one of Milan´s historical gates which surrounds the city center and the enormous Duomo cathedral in the center of Milan.

Weekend trip to beautiful Cinque terre and real Italian pizza with my sister, amazingly good!

Good bye lunch with the girls at the Milan office.