9 Jun 2017, 16:49 CET

My Singaporean life time – Maria Bond, Product and business development

During May, we have all been visiting BillerudKorsnäs offices around the world. After one month at the Singapore office, I feel so lucky and thankful! I’ve also spent a lot of time travelling around South East Asia with colleagues, visiting customers of ours within a wide range of industries. It has been really interesting to see the diversity of paper use. One day visiting a factory producing paper bags for fast food and the other day see our paper products used as interleaving paper for stainless steel production! You learn a little, about a lot, I would say.

Factory fashion

For one month I have lived like a part time Asian business woman and part time tourist. Travelling alone isn’t something I’ve tried before, but it actually suited me well (I’m surprised!). I met a lot of new people, colleagues, and I really pushed myself to check off as much as possible on my “to do in Singapore”-list.

Singapore views

It’s been an alternately month, compared to my daily life. I have learned so much; about packaging paper, production industries, Asian culture, and also about myself! It was a refreshing experience, but I’m also glad to be back “OTIF” (On Time In Full) for the Swedish summer.

Learning points:

  • There is a slight difference between Swedish spicy food, and Asian spicy food. Don’t trust your earlier experience.
  • Don’t chase the Singaporean sun. Hide from it instead, like the locals do. I know this is a though one, especially for Scandinavians.
  • If you get a day off or two, go for a weekend in, for example Thailand, or Bali. The geographical position of Singapore is perfect for traveling around Asia.
  • You can easily communicate with English, but pay attention! Don’t be surprised when you hear “Singlish” for the first time.
  • In Singapore, people are generally very friendly, which makes it easy to live and learn.
  • Don’t walk around hungry! The food is amazing!

Asian food that you don’t want to miss out

Enjoying the beach

My colleagues trying to teach me how to escape the sun

Bye bye Singapore Office!