3 Mar 2017, 0:00 CET

Packaging Paper at Skärblacka Mill – Linnea, Process Engineer

My name is Linnea and I work as a process engineer at Gruvön. I will write about our second mill visit, which this time was at Skärblacka Mill. The theme for the week was our business segment Packaging Paper, and we met a lot of interesting people that worked in this area. They told us all about the products we make and how we plan to develop the products in the future. The week ended with a visit at one of our customers in Stockholm that produces carrier bags.

Most Important Message from this week?

The most important message from this week I think was how the people in the business segments work together with the customers to create customer value. We are not just a company that produces paper; we are a company that provides our customers with packaging solutions based on their needs.

What is your best memory from the week?

One night all of us trainees went to an “Escape House” were you had to break out of a room within an hour by solving riddles and clues. Of course my team won, and we also broke the all-time high record!

The winning team consisting of Gustaf, Emma, Andreas, Edin, Maria and me.

What made this week valuable/fun/educational/interesting/special/..?

One thing that was really fun was that the mill management took so much time to meet us and to tell us what they do. They also joined us the first night when we got a guided tour of the old industry landscape in Norrköping and then later for dinner. It shows that they value the trainee program and want to hear our thoughts and ideas.

Two pictures from our tour around the old industry landscape of Norrköping.

What knowledge can you bring home to your home department?

At my home department I work with projects that improve the quality of the paper that we produce, so I think that I will really bring home a lot of the things that we learned about the end-user products. It’s really important to know what’s important to the customers to get a comprehensive view of the products I work with.