27 Jun 2017, 9:53 CET


Patricia Marx said that New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Shanghai doesn’t even sit down because there is no room. I couldn’t agree more except for the few times when you have been exploring the city for 12 hour straight and feel the need to sit down and grab breakfast before hitting the bed.

Skyscraper Trio and Jing'an Temple

Shanghai is a remarkable metropolitan where the new meets the old, where west clashes with east and where you realize how vast China is. During my one month stay I managed to attend 3 different expos, travel to 3 different provinces and make several customer visits.

It was an immense experience and insight in the end-customer sale part of our organization and I have just started to grasp how large our organization is. During one of my trips in China I accompany our Sales Director Alfred Wang to a printing expo in Beijing, later that evening we had the great opportunity devour traditional Peking duck at the state owned restaurant.

 Left image:D-sack at windmöller and holscher expobooth. Right image: The Chinese equivalent to Swedish liquor store if they served duck.

One of our customer’s Glory Board

The langue barrier was indeed a large issue during the customer visits, but luckily for me quality is an universal langue and I gained a great insight in how the different production facilities utilizes different quality management systems. The last two production tours of the customer’s production facility we were accompanied by quality engineers who went head over toes explaining their quality improvements and success stories.