30 May 2017, 13:30 CET

The lovely city of Barcelona - Sofia, Development Engineer, R&D

Hello again! Or should I say, Hola de nuevo? When I write this there are just a few days left of Emma’s and my stay here in Barcelona. It has been a wonderful experience and the people at the Barcelona office has taken care of us so well and showed us around. I was thrilled to find out that I would be going to Barcelona for my month abroad. I lived here for a short while to study Spanish before I started my University studies. It is just as lovely as I remembered it and I will be sad to leave.

It started in the last days of April when we left a partly snowy Sweden and arrived to a sunny Barcelona. The first days we settled in and the 2nd of May was our first day at the office. With sustainability in mind we had rented bikes and according to Google Maps it would just be about a 30 minutes ride to the office. But traffic, construction work and one way roads without bike lanes mad it more like an hour… When we finally arrived, somewhat sweatier then when we started, we were greeted with open arms by the people at the office. Borja, the Office Director and Sales Manager for Pulp, Roser, the Team Leader for the Customer Service Specialists and Silvia, Pep, Ana, María, Meri and Abi, the Customer Service Specialists. During our month here we have also met Núria, Sales Director Bag Solutions, and Ricard, Jose Luis Hernando and Jose Luis Olmedo, sales managers for different areas.

The office and a good bye-lunch one of the last days

We have been taken on visits to our terminal in Perpignan and to customers in the north east part of Spain. We have also been guided in the daily work with customer relations by the Customer Service Specialists. Thank you all so much for showing us your work and answering all of our questions!

In the evenings and weekends we have of course enjoyed Barcelona with good food, sun and the closeness to sea and mountains. But instead of explaining all the visits and experiences in text I have chosen to show photos on some of the things we have done:

The city has a lot of mountains with amazing views

We ended up taking the bikes in the tram in the mornings…

…and returned back to the apartment by bike in the afternoon

At a visit to our terminal in Perpignan in the south of France and visits that we made, the second photo at Torrespapel and the third one at Jesus Gil Escoin where we were given flowers by the mill manager, Pedro.

We enjoyed the weather and the good food!

Of course, we did a bit of sightseeing

We also got visits from home!

During our stay in Barcelona there was a conference in Düsseldorf about the Future Platform project in Skärblacka that we attended. There we had a stroll around the town along the Rhine River.

That was everything from us in Barcelona!