12 Sep 2017, 13:07 CET

Time flies when you’re having fun

One year ago, 13 excited but nervous trainees met for the first time. What we didn’t know by then was what a fantastic year we had in front of us!

It’s an almost impossible task to summarize the whole trainee year in one blog post so we’re not even going to try. But what we can say is that during this year we have developed, not only as professionals but also as people. We have become better friends than we could ever imagine. We have met hard-working and talented people from the whole organization and created an invaluable network. We have also done several mill visits, worked in production, spent one month abroad at BillerudKorsnäs’ different sales offices, had inspiring lectures, met people from the Senior Management Team and completed numerous of work-related tasks just to mention a few things of all fantastic activities. 

The last two days as trainees were spent in Gävle. We presented the tasks we had worked on during our month abroad. We played bubble ball followed by a great dinner. Last but not least, a diploma ceremony was hosted by Christer Simrén, Chief Operating Officer & EVP, and Pauline Ekvall, SVP HR. In other words, a perfect ending to a fantastic year!

So what is happening now? 1st of September we all started our second year at BillerudKorsnäs. Most of us will continue at our positions we had during the trainee year while some of us have changed to other positions. This is one reason to why BillerudKorsäs is a fantastic company to work for – the possibilities are endless.

Before ending this last blog post we want to encourage everyone out there to apply to next year’s trainee program. Do you want to be part of a leading international company with strong local roots in Sweden? Do you want to work for a company keen to drive development forward at all times? Do you care for sustainability and want to contribute to more sustainable world? Do you want to have a great start to your career and do you want to work with talented and hard-working people? Then BillerudKorsnäs and the trainee program is definitely the right choice for you.

More information about next year’s trainee program will be communicated soon, so stay tuned! If you already have questions or want to know more about the program just reach out to one of us trainees or HR. We can’t wait to hear from you!

/The trainee group of 2016-2017