5 Jun 2017, 8:00 CET

Visit at the BillerudKorsnäs office in Shenzhen, China

As part of the trainee program we, consisting of Lina (Business Development trainee in Solna) and Linnea (Process Engineer trainee at Gruvön), have spent four weeks at our office in Shenzhen in China.

The Shenzhen office is one of the biggest Customer Service/Sales offices at BillerudKorsnäs with over 100 employees. It is growing fast with new employees starting almost every week. This office is focused on a part of the company called Managed Packaging, which offers packaging solutions for global brand owners with production in Southeast Asia. They have many different departments including sales, customer service, a technical team, project managers etc.

The view from one of Shenzhen’s many parks

Our visit here has consisted of introduction to the different departments where we spent some time with the employees to learn how they work and what kind of issues they deal with. We have also been visiting a few of our so called production partners, which are converters that produce the boxes we sell to the brand owners. We visited production partners in China, but we were also fortunate to be able to join a meeting at a production partner in Vietnam. While we were there we visited our office in Ho Chi Minh where we also practiced our receptionist skills.

The reception at our Vietnam office.

Besides work we also had time to explore the city and try some Chinese food. We also had the chance to join our colleagues to an outing to a nearby city, where we started the trip by preparing our own lunch outdoors. For everybody’s sake we left the cooking for the more skilled group members.

Cooking at an outdoors kitchen. Notice the amount of chili used!

The most important message for us from this trip is how complex Managed Packaging is and how big and diverse BillerudKorsnäs is. There are so many talented people at our offices working together to create value for our customers. We had a great time in Shenzhen and learned a lot, both about our business in China but also about the Chinese culture. We want to thank everybody at the office for taking such good care of us and for showing us what it’s like to be a BillerudKorsnäs employee in China.

Saying goodbye to the HR team at the Shenzhen office.

// Lina & Linnea