24 Feb 2017, 0:00 CET

Welcome to Solna, my home department – Emma, Business development, packaging paper.

I work with Business Development in Solna for the business area Packaging Paper. What business development is can vary a lot but in general we work with new markets and are trying to understand it and support the company in different ways.

So during the autumn I for example have been working with a market analysis for one of our new products.

From our last carrier bag meeting, challenge conventional for a sustainable future are with us in all projects!

One of my most exciting projects at the moment is a carrier bag project. In that project we are trying to create a paper boom by showing papers sustainability advantages compared to different plastic materials and meet our customers’ needs more sufficient. So hopefully we will see more sustainable paper carrier bags on the market soon!

Reading tips if you want to learn more about the impact from carrier bags, click here.

This last month we had our “Road show” where people from the business area gathered to see what is going on and how to move forward. One of the things I really like with our business area is that we have a lot of fun together, so Road shows and sales conferences is a great way to gather the family and inspire each other. So here are pictures from our sales conference where we had western theme at the dinner. ^^

Packaging paper during the day and packaging during the night.

Which part of your job do you find most inspiring?

What I feel is the most inspiring part of my job at the moment is that I learn something new almost every day. Because we work with new markets I have to learn about it to be able to do my job. The fact that I feel really proud over what we do is also inspiring me every day.

What do you wear to work?

Even if I sit at the headquarter and bump in to our CEO now and then it is actually really relaxed dress code and I feel that I could where almost whatever I want to.



Me casually reading our annual report in our paper chairs…

What does your office look like?

I sit in a smaller landscape next to my other trainee colleague Lina where we actually have a nice view over Hagaparken.

My great colleague Lina and our view on a snowy day

How much coffee do you drink?

Compared to when I did my mill practice I almost don’t drink any coffee at all, but maybe once or twice per day.