13 Mar 2017, 0:00 CET

Working at my home department – Andreas, Maintenance engineer

My role at Skärblacka paper mill is as maintenance engineer working towards the paper machines. Maintenance at Skärblacka is divided in four parts; central, electrical & automation, sulfate service and finally my position at paper service. 

Maintenance could be described as work done for maintaining or improving parts of a process. It could be replacing or fixing damaged items, changing oil or developing and implementing new working methods and standards.


I have more or less three normal tasks during a day:

  1. Morning meeting with production division
  2. Sending, reading and answering emails
  3. Coffee breaks

The time between these three is filled with more varying tasks, for the moment there are four of them.

The first is that I’m leading an improvement project focused on the nozzles that spray water on the wire (the moving fabric at the paper machine where the sheet is formed). These nozzles have caused some down time for the paper machine, so the project's goal is to reduce this by testing and proposing improvements. It’s done by our cross-functional group where collecting data from different systems and people is the first important step.

The second task is that I’m working with updating of educational materials about preventive maintenance, which is intended to increase employees' knowledge of daily inspections of the machines.

The third is that I’m part of a bigger project that works with improving the maintenance at different levels, based on an audit of the maintenance at Skärblacka.

The fourth and last is the given assignment from the latest training module in the trainee program, which is about innovation. We are three working on a concept for increased communication at Skärblacka.

No two days are the same, thanks to the mix of all these different tasks and the addition of new, and that is what I find as the most inspiring part of my job.

/Andreas Hallesjö