31 Oct 2018, 10:38 CET

At my home departement - Karin

Hi! My name is Karin and I have the position as Business Excellence Trainee at Cartonboard in Frövi, close to Örebro. I am one of two trainees located in Frövi and started my trainee position here at BillerudKorsnäs in the beginning of September. Now after a few months in my role I am starting to learn how to get around at the mill and how to contribute in my role. These are some of the things I’ve been up to so far at my home department

During the two first weeks I had a full schedule with introduction activities together with other new employees. We were invited to meet people from all departments and started to get to know the organization and we are working. At the Frövi mill we produce Cartonboard and Liquid packaging board so we learned mostly about processes related to them. For example we were guided through the mill’s pulp section and the 350 meter long board machine. So fascinating to see such a complex system! I would need a few more days of guidance before I could understand how it all works :).

Safety first during guided tour at Frövi mill.

Another fun and creative activity from the introduction program was getting to know Carton Solutions. Carton Solutions is a service that we offer to our cartonboard customers, where customers get support from the Carton Solutions specialists in the process of designing a package for their product. When visiting them we also did Cartonboard School, where we learnt and practiced how to design the strongest possible package.

Left: A collection of cool cartonboard packages designed by Carton solutions specialists. Right: Measuring the strength of the package that my team designed… not the strongest one, but who wouldn’t buy a product contained in this creatively designed package?


After the first introduction weeks I started to get introduced more deeply to my role and got involved in my “real” work assignments. The team I belong to is called Business Excellence and what we do is supporting the Cartonboard business segment with different projects in order for the Cartonboard business to grow in the long run. During this first month I have been part of two projects. One involves creating a Market Intelligence quarterly report, mapping what our competitors are up to and what the market looks like. In the other project we are making Segment Business plans for targeted market segments. I have also been struggling with learning excel again (which is now my favorite program <3) and searched and found where to get the best coffee in my office building.

Today we are having our monthly meeting with my Business Excellence team for Cartonboard, consisting of my manager Teemu and colleagues Susanne and Britta. Britta had the same trainee role as I have now during the last trainee program. She also got the very important responsibility of taking extra good care of me, showing how to do things and answering all of my 1000 questions.

 Working on one of the segment business plans on Skype with Britta

That was all for me! Keep yourself posted, because next week Marcus will show you what he’s up to in Gruvön.

So long!