8 Nov 2018, 15:00 CET

My first two months here at BillerudKorsnäs, Gruvön mill – Marcus

My name is Marcus and I joined BillerudKorsnäs this fall as a Project Manager Trainee in Corporate Programs which is a part of one of our group functions, called Sourcing & Technology. When I first started the name of the function I belonged to was Operational Excellence, but BillerudKorsnäs chose to launch our new organisation around the time we trainees started, and let’s just say that it added to my overall confusion in the beginning.

How nice that you are following our blog and keeps reading our posts, cheers to you!

I first came in contact with BillerudKorsnäs during my time at Karlstad University and through several different interactions I developed an interest for the company. I felt that their sustainability profile and the BillerudKorsnäs way of working really synced with my personal values & preferences and therefore I wanted to work there and be able to develop together with the company. Long story short: I applied in the beginning of this year and after a few months and all the application processes they told me I got the position I applied for. That phone call resulted in some sort of jumping around dance in the apartment that I sincerely hope no one had to witness. It is safe to say that I was on an emotional rollercoaster later on when I first met the other trainees and my new colleagues. I was in a hyped/blissful/nervous state of mind, not completely unlike a kid on a sugar rush. These feelings still bubbles up to the surface every now and then but I’m learning to control it and my boss has learnt my tell-tale and how to defuse the situation.

Back to my role and what I do!

I’m stationed at the Gruvön Mill, just outside of Karlstad, and work there as a part of the NEXT Generation program. Included in NEXT is the construction of a new board machine at Gruvön as well as the reconstruction of the existing pulp mills. This is one of the biggest investments in Sweden during the past years and it is derived from the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions all around the world.

The project in NEXT that I’m active in is called Product Qualification which works towards the goal of qualifying new products for KM7’s product areas and to secure customer satisfaction. KM7 being the new board machine here at Gruvön, quite an impressive one to be honest: It is the world’s most modern machine of its kind, it will be 350 meters long and will operate at a speed at 60 km/h which results in an annual capacity of 550,000 tonnes.

The new machine hall for KM7 at Gruvön

So what do I do as a new employee and how do I contribute to my team? Our project is only one amongst many in the Next program and thus we are having several interfaces and interdependencies. Therefore I previously assisted my team with the management of identifying and ensuring handling of all important project-transcendent demands and success factors. Now, at the moment of writing this blog post, I am currently working with the process mapping of our project as well as being responsible over the management of our Validation and Qualification plan.

This is of course in excess of our trainee activities that are otherwise occupying our time. We here at Gruvön have just had the honour of hosting a trainee week here for the other non Gruvön trainees. I will leave this as a cliff hanger here as Caroline will tell you all about it in two weeks! For now you can enjoy a beautiful picture showing us trainees here at Gruvön after a workout with the company as well as one where we helped out with making Karlstad a “wee bit” cleaner.

It is a lesser miracle that we were able to stand straight after this Tabata session

Adam and I tried to show of our BillerudKorsnäs training t-shirts but didn’t quite manage to do so.