20 Dec 2018, 9:00 CET

Pulp and board production are on the run 24 hours a day – Gävle

Six shift operators resolve each other to keep production running all day, even in Christmas and New Year. I do not know how many holidays I spent in the control room as a bleaching operator. Now these days have passed, and I am more of a curios visitor in the production in Gävle mill during the weeks of December.

Therece is my name; working on BillerudKorsnäs has been a goal since many years back. Finally, the engineering studies were completed, and I belong to the reliability department. Happy as few!

These weeks out the “reality” (as we call it), gives the opportunity to get an overview of the process, get to know the operators, listen, see and learn.

The friendly operators are more than happy to guide around us in the process premises, they also tells stories about back in the old days when Stenbäck was the owner of the company.

Therece & Malin out in the reality at PM5, a three layers board machine. We spent the first week of practice together at PM4 & PM5.

Operator’s profession take years to learn. The safety thinking is always in the picture, a trainee can do some tasks. Change the tambour in the cartoon board, cleaning and help with changing the lines that guides the paper web. Mostly take the back on operators in their daily work.

The operators here in Gävle have been working in various improvement projects for several years. Ownership of the equipment is important, usually the operators detect when the equipment is in need of maintenance. The supervision rounds are like a treasure hunt, maybe we find something today.

During the practice, I got the opportunity to see both the newest investments on the mill, and some older historical buildings and control rooms that not are in use. I find it interesting with the historical influences!

The weeks fly`s away and I learn a lot.

That’s all from me this time!

Best regards, Therece